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Cheese Curd Batter Mix

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Item Number: WI027
In Wisconsin deep-fried cheese curds are a favorite at carnivals and fairs, and many fast food restaurants and bars. Take our fresh Wisconsin cheese curds, dip them in batter, and drop them in a deep fryer. Minutes later you have a treat that can’t be beat and you won’t want to share! The secret to really great tasting deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds is our new Cheese Curd Batter Mix!

What better way to share your love of Wisconsin cheese curds than including our mix in your curd gift sent to friends? Our Cheese Curd Batter Mix comes complete with instructions as to how to make the best darn tastin’ deep friend cheese curds you’ve ever had! One package is enough for one pound of fresh cheese curds and is great with both flavored and plain curds!

Weight: 8 oz.

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