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Limburger Bible
How to get the most from your Limburger.

Time and temperature will have the most impact on the "ripening" of your Limburger.

If y
ou like it mild...
Enjoy your Limburger as soon as possible after purchase. Always eat it as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator and remove the rind (a potato peeler works well for this).

If you like it medium...
Allow your Limburger to age 1-2 months in your refrigerator. Limburger has a 6 month expiration date sticker so wait until there are about 2 to 3 months left. The rind is edible and very flavorful – it is a personal choice to eat or remove it. Always allow your Limburger to reach room temperature before eating. Limburger may be washed under warm water to remove the smeary surface. Dry with a paper towel. This will reduce odor (and some of the flavor).

If you like it strong...
Age your Limburger at least 4 months in your refrigerator. The closer you get to the expiration date the stronger it will be. Limburger is dated to expire in 6 months but this date is often passed by die-hard Limburger lovers. They even take it out of the refrigerator occasionally to help the ripening process along. And remember – the rind packs the biggest punch.

Discard the original foil wrap and store in sealable plastic container or bag.

Limburger does not freeze well but Limburger Spread can be frozen. There is no need to freeze Limburger Spread until it nears it's expiration date and it should not be frozen for more than 2 months. Upon removing it from the freezer it is very important to let it thaw for a day or two in the refrigerator. If it is watery you can stir it to get the consistency back.

Limburger Spread
The same basic rule of letting it age if you want it to "ripen" applies to Limburger Spread. Using the expiration date to determine it's age will allow you to bring it to your personal taste level. Letting it warm up will also bring out the flavor.

Both Limburger and Limburger Spread can be shipped without ice packs during the cooler months. Insulated boxes with ice packs are required May through September. Always refrigerate upon receiving.